Rainier Arms – Courage Classic Gold Level Sponsor

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We’re proud to receive this beautiful plaque  from Kitsap Rifle & Revolver Club. The Courage Classic Multi-Gun Charity Match was able to raise $9,070 for the Navy/Marine Corps Relief Society’s Combat Casualty Assistance Campaign with our help and other generous donors. Here’s to another great match at Kitsap next year, and, of course, we’d like thank those in uniform who serve our country.


If you’re local to the area, check out the range and participate next year for a great time and support our troops!

Here is a great review of our Raptor Charging Handle by TWANGnBANG

Louie Tactical – XTC Demonstration Video

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There has been a big push over the last couple of years towards compensators and even a bigger push on hybrid compensators which has a secondary benefit of flash reduction.  In the past, you would have to pick a flash hider to minimize flash or pick a compensator to minimize muzzle climb.  The idea is to create a combo compensator & flash hider or an all-in-one muzzle device was revolutionary.  The key is finding the  right balance between flash reduction and muzzle movement.  As evidenced in this video, there isn’t a comp/flash hider that will do everything perfectly.  However hybrid compensators have its place and for guys who are looking for multipurpose muzzle device, a hybrid is a great option.

The key to any compensator is minimizing muzzle movement, either up, down or to the side.  The Surefire brake ($149) is a pure compensator and is highly regarded as one of the best compensators on the market today.  As you can see in the video, it does generate the most amount of flash, but does an amazing job at keeping the muzzle steady for faster on target shooting.

Now comes the hybrids;  the BattleComp 1.5 ($150) which is regarded as one of the best hybrid compensators available at any price.  The BattleComp is a proven design with a battle proven results.  The new kid on the block, just released this week is the BCMGUNFIGHTER 5.56 Mod1 ($105).  BCM has had a great history developing battle ready products that are well thought out and thoroughly tested.  If you pay close attention to the video, you will see each having its own strength and weakness.  Only you can decide which is more important for your mission, muzzle control or flash reduction.  There are other well regarded hybrids, like the PWS 5.56 ($95), that started it all and our very own Rainier Arms XTC ($56.95), which is one of the best values going.  We plan to feature them in follow up videos.


By John Hwang

Boom or Doom? From one gun dealer’s perspective

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After the tragic events in Newtown CT, Feinstein and Gun control supporters fueled by the media machine, turned our industry into a craze overnight.  Starting Friday the 14th, sales of Lowers, high capacity Magazines and Rifles have sky rocketed leaving our showroom walls and saferooms empty.  This particular rush easily eclipses the 2008 rush for “assault weapons” by 2-3 fold.

The average reader will think how great it is (financially) for gun dealers.  In the short term, you are absolutely right.  In the next month to 3 (I project less time), sales will be at record numbers.  What happens when supply dries out?  (Which already happened for us on many products).  We’ll just get more right?  Actually, it doesn’t quite work that way.  Starting Friday, not only did consumer sales go up, all the dealers & distributors across the county put in orders to larger distributors and directly to manufacturers.  It wasn’t just AR15 dealers but any dealer, pawn shop, etc jumped in and ordered as much as they possibly could.  Our industry was already producing at max capacity before the scare so what do you think will happen if demand increased by 10 fold overnight?  If things hold true to 2008 standards, product deliveries will greatly slow down.  Instead of receiving products, say every month, dealers be lucky to see it every 3 months.

To give you some reflection, let’s talk about what happened in 2008.  After November’s election, sales doubled overnight and went on for several months to the peak in April and started fading about as fast as it started.  About June or July, demand completely completely turned off.  The heavy products we ordered during the scare in November started hitting our stores in June, July, August.  At first we were so happy to finally get some products in to our bare warehouse but soon happiness turned into a nightmare when the products started flooding in by the truckload.  As purchase orders to manufacturers started getting canceled by dealers across the country, manufacturers were double, triple shipping to dealers that would take the orders.  We honored nearly all our open POs but even we had to ultimately cancel a few.  Manufacturers bought new equipment, hired new staff to run the new equipment, etc and when demand fell, it crippled our industry.  There are countless stories of layoffs by industry leaders.

What you may not have heard were stories about the dealers.  Dealers across the country work on a NET 30 payment plan which means you have 30 days to pay for your products.  Manufacturers entise dealers to take the product and pay them back in 30 days.  When the demand is high, dealers can take $10,000 in product, sell it for $12,000 in a few days pocketing $2000 without ever spending their own money.  This sounds awesome but only is helpful if demand is high and you use your credit wisely.  As businesses grow, so does inventory and monthly payables.  Soon payables stack up on products sold 2 months ago.  Also imagine what happens, when the monthly sales stop instantly.  Many dealers couldn’t pay on their NET 30 payments.  Unlike consumer debt where the bank raises your interest rate to 24% (which can hurt), in our industry, you get cut off (which means death).  If you don’t have product to sell, how can you pay your payables?  You see the ruthless cycle that can creep up on you if you don’t manage your finances properly. You might be asking yourself, what about all of the profits made during the boom?  You’d be surprised. With all the inventory, high taxes, tiny margins, there are a lot less profits than the media make it out to be. If you’ve been in the industry for many years, you have seen some small and even larger players go out of business even in this booming market.

Fotunately for Rainier Arms, we have always been a cash business.  We only purchase product if we have cash in the bank to cover it.  So when demand fell overnight, we didn’t have any payables that drowned so many small businesses.  Much like personal finances, if you have zero debt and money in the bank, you can lose your job (income) for several months to several years and you can still survive.  After 2009, many gun dealers shut their doors forever.

So what does this mean in 2013?   Rainier Arms is the Master dealer of the Year for Daniel Defense and Distributor of the year for Noveske and many others.  These relationships will allow us to receive product on a more consistent basis compared to our competition.  We have zero debt so we are in a position to look at alternative ways from production to finding other sources for product. We will look at new emerging companies and new ways to bring you products and services you’ve grown to expect from us.  Even when the demand crashes, whether by law or the fear dies down, we’ll be here to serve you.

John Hwang, CEO



10 Things You May Have Not Known About…

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Today we’ve got 10 cool facts about one of America’s great rifle companies: Daniel Defense. Check Daniel Defense’s website here and their rifles here at Rainier Arms (DD’s Master Dealer of 2011).


Rainier Arms Urban Carbine – RUC™

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Darrion Holiwell from Praetor Defense running the RUC™ for the first time.  How did you feel yourfirst time?


Checkmate – Muzzle Devices

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The times of standard A2 flash hiders are long gone now. They’ll always hold a special place in our hearts, and especially for our service members as they’re still in use, but new muzzle devices are out now that perform their jobs more efficiently.

The hardest part of comparing muzzle devices, apart from form and function, is actually figuring out how well they work. Math and science can be used to test and record the performances of barrels, bullets, etc, but when it comes down to muzzle devices, there is no way to judge which ones work the best. It’s going to be all about what you want to do with your rifle.

Flash Hiders: The purpose of a flash hider is to guard the shooter from the ball of fire that erupts out of the end of the barrel so that he won’t go blind. This is especially useful during night time so that you don’t get any of the big colorful orbs floating in the way of the zombie that’s about to eat your face. It also reduces the flash signature so that the target you’re shooting at has a harder time figuring out where you’re located as you’re dug into your hasty fighting position.

Muzzle Brakes/Compensators: As I’ve seen it, both terms are used interchangeably, and there can be gray areas when it comes down to hybrids. To keep it simple, we’ll define these two types of muzzle devices by their purpose: muzzle brakes negate the rearward thrust created by the gas escaping the barrel, and compensators redirect gas flow to… compensate… for muzzle rise. How this is achieved is a whole different story. For the sake of this article, we’ll consider them the same thing because of their purpose: Rifle Control.

Remember that muzzle devices for a 5.56/.223 barrel run at a thread pitch of 1/2×28, and .308/7.62 barrels run at 5/8×24 TPI. Take careful note of the length of your muzzle device when you want to pin it onto a 14.5″ barrel to make it the legal 16″ in most states.

Let’s go over just a small few of the muzzle devices out there to get an idea of what different kinds do. For those hard of sight, click on the images to see a larger version.

BattleComp offers their muzzle devices for the 5.56 and also for the .308/AR-10 (BABC) in black oxide and matte stainless steel in various lengths. It does an extremely good job at negating recoil and reducing flash.

My choice for a precision rifle. The PRI MSTN keeps muzzle flip to a minimum.

Surefire has various muzzle brakes and flash hiders for all popular calibers. All have mounts for their line of suppressors.

Troy’s series of muzzle devices are built to last. Their aggressive design is ideal for combat shooting.

Just like Surefire, AAC offers different types of muzzle devices for the 5.56 and .308/AR-10, and their 51T/18T mounts are one of the best designs out there for running their high quality suppressors.

Our flagship muzzle device. The XTC is a compensator/flash hider hybrid and has 3 small ports on the top to negate the natural 1’oclock – 2’oclock muzzle flip right handed shooters experience. Also features a hole on the bottom for people who want to pin and weld the XTC onto a 14.5″ barrel to meet the legal length of 16″ in most states. Also offered in stainless steel and a blemish version.

Despite the aggressive points out of this little guy, the RMC (Rainier Arms Mini Compensator) it’s bark is worse than it’s bite due to it’s small profile and port on the side.

Going CQB with the KX3 is great because it blows everything forward instead of to the side. It directs the recoil of the rifle straight back to the shooter, so with proper stance and rifle handling, follow up shots  are straight and steady.

There are so many muzzle devices out there the world would run out of internet space if I wanted to cover them all. Check out our muzzle device page to see what we have to see which ones would reign king for you.





Behind the Scene Pics at RA

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In-Store Customer's POV

In-Store Customer’s POV

Wall of Daniel Defense and Noveske Credentials

Wall of Daniel Defense and Noveske Credentials


Customer's Upper Ready to be Packed and Shipped

Customer’s Upper Ready to be Packed and Shipped

XTC Prepped and Waiting to be Pinned and Welded

XTC Prepped and Waiting to be Pinned and Welded

Boss Planning and Planning in His Perch

Boss Plotting and Planning in His Perch

Chief Armorer Doing Work

Chief Armorer Doing Work

Customize your Elzetta Flash Light

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By now, you’ve seen how great the Elzetta Flash lights are.  With so many configurations, picking the right flash light was difficult till now.  We now offer the Elzetta lights as individual components so you can customize the perfect flash light for your application.
Begin by picking the Bezel.  (Left to Right) Low Profile, Standard & Crenelated

Now let’s pick body (2 Cell or 3 Cell).  The main difference is run time.  The 2 Cell provides 1.5 hours of full 235 lumens of output while the 3 Cell provides 2.5 hours of full 235 lumens.


The lens provides different type of throw.  The flood lens provides a much wider but shorter beam which is perfect for indoor use.  The standard head will give you much further through and a more focused light which is a great multi-purpose lens.


The last component is the tail cap.  There are several really neat tail caps to choose from which allow you to pick fro.

  • Rotary  – Allow momentary on with the button or constant on by closing the tail cap completely.
  • Click – Click on and Click Off
  • High/Low – Click to turn on and off.  1/2 turn out for low beam
  • High/ Strobe – Click to turn on and off. 1/2 turn out for strobe
  • Tape switch 5″ or 12″ – Activate by pushing on the tail switch.  Even if the tape switch is cut, you can activate the light by rotating the cap closed.